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The Wonderful Life Of A TV Fanatic, In Gifs

More like Netflix and Chips, amirite?

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Being sucked into a new show


I waited years before starting "The Walking Dead because I just wasn't convinced that a zombie apocalypse show could be compelling. Then I binge watched five seasons in two months.

(Side bar: Why was "Fear the Walking Dead" SO SLOW? And how is Flight 462 even slower???!)

Saying you'll watch just one episode

Binge watching is an insane because it feeds our primal need for empathy and our modern need to escape our own lives.

Going through seven stages of grief when your favorite character is killed off


lalalalala the red wedding didn't really happen I can't hear you lalalalala

The comfort of snuggling up and watching an old episode


It's salve for a soul battered by years of terrible things happening to every (fictional) person you love.

Being happily surprised when a show find its legs


See: "Black-ish"

When a show you really enjoy lets you down

Lee Daniels, I'm looking at you.

When an awesome new series is renewed after like two episodes


Especially when you called it. You're basically a TV critic now, right?

And finally, because all good things must come to an end, when a great show has the most perfect series finale


House + Wilson 4eva <3

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