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15 Jokes You'll Find Really Fucking Funny If You're In Your Late Twenties

Basically 30.

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1. When this is what happens when you drink:

2. And this is what happens after you drink:

3. When you walk into the club and feel like this:


4. And when you walk into the mall and realize this:

5. When you accept the fact that everything you thought was a lie:

6. And you just embrace your life for what it has become:

7. When just looking at food makes you gain weight:

8. And when nothing can make you feel as enthusiastic as a purchase like this:

9. When you are equal parts happy and accepting of moments like this:

10. And when you are equal parts scared and excited of moments like this:

11. When you want to spend more time in your bed than anywhere else:

12. And when you want to spend the rest of your time like this:

13. When you still use social media, but in a very different way:

14. And when you still gossip, but you have to keep yourself in check:

15. And, lastly, when being the "8%" doesn't scare you anymore:

You on your 30th birthday:


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