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    People Who Have Kids Will 100% Appreciate The Following 21 Inventions / Ideas

    Just brilliant.

    1. This door that has a special hinge so kids don't squish their fingers.

    2. This checkout line that has no candy, so you don't have to deal with your kids begging (or tempting yourself).

    3. And this car wash that has a soap canon for kids to spray their parents' cars (or for you to have a little fun, too).

    4. This swing set that is perfectly designed so the parent and the kid can swing together.

    5. This town that has a mock city for kids to learn road and traffic rules.

    6. This Domino's that has a handy step stool so kids can watch pizza being made.

    7. This boat that literally has a caged area just for kids to play.

    8. This door handle at a daycare that is unusually high, preventing kids from opening it.

    9. This picnic table that has seating for adults and kids – AND a handy high chair for the baby.

    10. This Dairy Queen that features a separate entrance for kids.

    11. And this Chik-fil-A that has a kid's menu at a kid's eye level.

    12. This see-saw that has sliding weights so different sized kids can play on it together.

    13. This truck that reminds you not to forget your kid.

    14. This Lamborghini in Dubai that is used as a coloring station for kids.

    15. This super market that has free fruit for kids.

    16. This restaurant that gives kids crayons shaped like triangles so they don't roll off the table.

    17. This mall that lets kids (and adults) bottle feed Koi fish.

    18. This park that helps kids learn Braille.

    19. This McDonald's that has a table drop down for kids.

    20. This bathroom that features a lower mirror for kids.

    21. And this bathroom with a fully functioning mini toilet for kids.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting