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    17 Things You Should Remember Before You Judge A Mom's Parenting

    Hear us out.

    1. If our child is acting up in a public place – like the airport or grocery store – don't get upset with us.

    2. If we are out having "adult time" without our kids, don't judge us for having a ~good time~.

    3. But also, don't judge us if we don't feel like going out at all.

    4. The way we decide to parent our kid is none of your business.

    5. If our kid is playing on our phone in public, please don't give us a judgy look.

    6. Please excuse things we cannot control. Like peeing a little.

    7. If we tell you to wash your hands before holding our NEWBORN baby, please do so (without questioning us).

    8. Every single day of our lives is really unpredictable.

    9. If you see us out and we don't seem friendly, don't read too much into it.

    10. If it seems like we talk about our kids a lot, please forgive us.

    11. Never, never say: "My kid would never do that!"

    12. There is no dress code for motherhood.

    13. WE are the mother, so please respect our wishes.

    14. We know we look like crap. A lot.

    15. It's hard for us to talk on the phone sometimes.

    16. Our bodies changed and it makes us insecure at times.

    17. We will always get overly excited when someone announces their pregnancy or new baby.

    So, next time you're around a mom, just remember: