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    17 Thoughts Every Pregnant Person Has, But Will Never Admit To

    "I just realized I may have a tiny penis growing inside me."

    1. When you have this epiphany.

    2. When you have this scientific thought.

    3. And when you think about it a little too much.

    4. When you come up with this genius idea in your head.

    5. When you think about being honest with your doctor.

    6. When you are suddenly aware of life after pregnancy.

    7. When you think about another reason you LOVE Target.

    8. When you ponder these types of choices.

    9. Or when you wonder if people will understand your predicament.

    10. When you internalize feelings like this.

    11. When you notice your body changing.

    12. And you reflect on your pre-baby body.

    When you find your first stretch mark #pregnancyproblems

    13. When you think about how much the heat is kicking your ass.

    14. When you start ~wishful thinking~.

    15. When you realize other people should think before they speak.

    My response when people tell me I must be ready to pop when I am barely halfway. #pregnancyproblems

    16. And when you think about how other people should just keep their mouths shut all together.

    When somebody asks you, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" #PregnancyProblems

    17. When you consider ruining your pants for a little relief.

    But even if you don't keep all those pregnancy "thoughts" to yourself, we still love you!