19 Things You Didn't Know About Pregnancy That Will Really Surprise You

    The human body. It's weirdly amazing.

    Ah, babies, what beautiful creatures. But what's even more beautiful (and crazy, really) is pregnancy. BuzzFeed spoke with Mary Jane Minkin, MD — a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine — to find out what really happens to your body during pregnancy.

    1. The amniotic fluid inside you — the stuff your baby is living in — is actually pee.

    2. Your vagina may turn blue.

    3. Speaking of blood flow, your total circulating blood volume increases by 50% during pregnancy.

    4. Some of your baby's DNA will be in your bloodstream.

    5. You will be hungrier, but you really shouldn't "eat for two."

    6. Your feet will grow during pregnancy.

    7. Your hips actually get looser and that's why we see pregnant women waddling.

    8. You have a mucous plug, and you might lose it at some point during your pregnancy.

    9. Your skin will change pigmentation very easily.

    10. And you'll likely get very sweaty, very easily.

    11. "Pregnancy brain" is a real thing.

    12. Most people grow more hair during pregnancy.

    13. Your boobs will hurt and swell, and they may leak.

    14. There could be small changes to your voice during pregnancy.

    15. About halfway through your pregnancy, you will see a dark, vertical line on your stomach.

    16. Your nipples may change color.

    17. Your stomach will get itchy.

    18. You might bleed during pregnancy.

    19. And — you probably already know this — but YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE TO PEE.