17 Mind Blowing Maternity Hacks You'll Want To Immediately Bookmark

    Cutting the pockets out of your jeans = mind blowing maternity hack.

    1. Make your own maternity bottoms by removing the pockets and replacing them with stretchable fabric.

    2. Try freezing your favorite snacks.

    3. And while you're putting snacks in the freezer, go ahead and throw your bra in there, too.

    4. Wear breathable maternity undies to prevent a ~sweaty crotch~.

    5. Use coconut oil to prevent chafing.

    6. Make yourself some cooling neck wraps.

    7. Cut a hole in a floatie so you can lounge in the water on your stomach.

    8. Rub grapefruit and lemon essential oils on your feet to keep them from swelling.

    9. You can also relieve swollen feet by submerging them in lavender and peppermint essential oil soak salts.

    10. Use kinesiology tape to lift skin, promote circulation and relieve pressure.

    11. When everyone is enjoying an alcoholic beverage in the sun, make yourself a fun, alcohol-free drink.

    12. Run your wrists in cold water for a quick cool down.

    13. If you're in the early stages of pregnancy and experiencing morning sickness, try making electrolyte freezer pops.

    14. Don't wear cheap flip-flops – buy the right shoes.

    15. Keep a cheap spray bottle with you to cool down whenever you need to.

    16. Drink apple cider vinegar to reduce heartburn.

    17. And always stay hydrated!