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    17 Mind Blowing Maternity Hacks You'll Want To Immediately Bookmark

    Cutting the pockets out of your jeans = mind blowing maternity hack.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Make your own maternity bottoms by removing the pockets and replacing them with stretchable fabric.

    DIY and Crafts says doing this creates a flexible pair of jeans to accommodate your baby bump throughout your pregnancy. Get the full instructions here.

    2. Try freezing your favorite snacks. / Via

    From frozen grapes to gummy bears, virtually any craving you have will taste better in the freezer when you have to face the scorching summer heat.

    3. And while you're putting snacks in the freezer, go ahead and throw your bra in there, too.

    Andreypopov / Getty Images

    The coolness will feel good on those hot summer days.

    4. Wear breathable maternity undies to prevent a ~sweaty crotch~.

    The style pictured above also helps support your bump. Buy them for $16.50.

    5. Use coconut oil to prevent chafing.

    Kirsten Oliphant says that rubbing coconut oil directly onto your skin in the morning prevents thigh chafing throughout the day, even if you’re spending lots of time outside and getting sweaty.

    6. Make yourself some cooling neck wraps.

    The absorbing polymer inside the neck wraps keep the material cool. Learn how to make your own here.

    7. Cut a hole in a floatie so you can lounge in the water on your stomach.

    skibumette / Via

    8. Rub grapefruit and lemon essential oils on your feet to keep them from swelling.

    9. You can also relieve swollen feet by submerging them in lavender and peppermint essential oil soak salts.

    Learn how to make it at Clever Little Mouse.

    10. Use kinesiology tape to lift skin, promote circulation and relieve pressure.

    Diary of a Fit Mommy says when the tape is applied correctly, it begins working immediately and can continue to provide relief 24/7 for three to five days per application.

    11. When everyone is enjoying an alcoholic beverage in the sun, make yourself a fun, alcohol-free drink.

    This easy recipe calls for two ounces of cranberry juice, four ounces of coconut sparkling water and one lime (squeeze for juice).

    12. Run your wrists in cold water for a quick cool down.

    Sasiistock / Getty Images

    Hold your wrists under cold water where your veins are visible for a quick cool down of your entire body.

    13. If you're in the early stages of pregnancy and experiencing morning sickness, try making electrolyte freezer pops.

    mommytipster / Via

    They will taste good and soothe your throat as well.

    14. Don't wear cheap flip-flops – buy the right shoes.

    Walking around in flip-flops all summer can really take a toll on your feet and back, so getting the right footwear is a must. Check out this amazing list of pregnancy shoes by Mom Tricks.

    15. Keep a cheap spray bottle with you to cool down whenever you need to.

    Internetbummer / Getty Images

    Get one at the Dollar Store, or hell, buy a whole pack of six for $3.65.

    16. Drink apple cider vinegar to reduce heartburn.

    from__fat2fit / Via

    The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar actually has several health benefits.

    17. And always stay hydrated!

    Tassii / Getty Images

    According to Baby Center, it's especially important to stay hydrated in the last trimester because dehydration can cause contractions that can trigger preterm labor.

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