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16 Insanely Accurate Snapchats All Moms Are Guilty Of Posting

Because the filters look better on your baby.

1. You use any and every one of these filters on your child:

2. You share the truth about what you're doing.

3. You show everyone what your kid will look like when they grow up.

Brown / Via BuzzFeed

4. You snap your kid's work of art.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

5. You use the filters instead of actually putting on makeup.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

6. You show everyone who isn't a mom just how wonderful motherhood truly is.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

7. Or you brag about your awesome day.

8. You share all the super-secret things you do.

McGuire / Via BuzzFeed

Keep this on the DL, people.

9. You document your current situation.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

10. You amuse yourself around clueless kiddos.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

So innocent.

11. But you also spend quality time with your kids.

Ritzman / Via BuzzFeed

12. You snap your delirious but hilarious ideas.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

13. And you snap a moment when you're really entertaining yourself.

ThinkStock / Via BuzzFeed

14. You use it as a babysitter. (That's why your story is full of your kid's selfies.)

Lara / Via BuzzFeed

15. You let everyone behind the scenes of your life.

Schlosser / Via BuzzFeed

16. And you always do this:

Orth / Via BuzzFeed

Obviously, all the other Snapchatters can try, but they will never be more cute than a Snapchat mom and her pup.

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