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    Jan 27, 2017

    17 Signs Mommy Needs A Drink

    Sometimes coffee isn't strong enough, darling.

    1. When your kid decides to pee in the dollhouse toilet.

    jna_otis / Via

    2. When your kid starts talking about you.

    3. When you walk in the door.


    4. When you just spent nine whole months sober.

    5. When your kids are wired for the day.

    6. When coffee just isn't strong enough.

    7. When you have to shop with your kids.

    8. When you're experiencing the "terrible twos."


    9. Or when you're experiencing the terrible fours and fives.

    10. When you successfully make it through another summer break.

    11. When your morning starts with laundry.

    12. When you're just so sick of juice.

    bamagirlnicole / Via

    13. When you have to travel with your kid.

    14. When you're trying to take family photos.

    15. When your local grocery store starts to drop hints.

    16. Or when your local liquor store has a Girl Scout cookie stand in front of it.

    17. And, finally, when you see other moms facing the same struggles you do.

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