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15 Relationship Texts That Are So Randomly Funny, They Need To Be Shared

"I have cute feet."

1. This boyfriend who loves seeing a good shampoo hairdo as much as the rest of us.

2. This boyfriend who knows ordering the right kind of burrito is ALWAYS URGENT.

3. And this boyfriend who sees the logistics of having a good value-size box of tampons.

4. This boyfriend who needs to appreciate his girlfriend's boobs a little more.

5. This boyfriend who obviously loves beer very much.

6. And this boyfriend who knows the drama that will ensue after this autocorrect fail.

7. This boyfriend who is far from being all sweet and mushy.

8. This girlfriend who is not wrong for valuing her good feet.

9. And this girlfriend who values styrofoam cups.

10. This boyfriend who knows where every single object – no matter how small – is at all times.

11. This boyfriend who doesn't have time to argue when there are good deals at JCPenney.

12. This couple who is in sync with the time of their texts, but definitely not in sync with their thoughts.

13. This boyfriend who is a hopeless romantic...when he's playing video games.

14. This girlfriend who isn't up for cutesy flirting because she will never be less than a ten!

15. And then there's this couple who might need to go to therapy.