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    19 Reasons Jason Biggs And Jenny Mollen Are Funny AF Parents

    "Is it weird to pull my kid out of preschool early to tell him Brad and Angelina are splitting?"

    1. When Jenny was concerned about her kid's future.

    2. When Jason snapped this amazing pic of his wife pumping and called her TITBOT.

    biggsjason / Via

    3. When Jenny hosted this playdate:

    4. When Jason was damn proud of his nanny for creating this rain shield for his son.

    5. When Jenny realized just how lazy her son was.

    6. When Jason made this:

    biggsjason / Via

    7. When Jenny discovered her son's true calling was a massage therapist.

    8. When Jenny was thinking out loud:

    9. When Jason shared this giant chocolate leg with his son.

    biggsjason / Via

    10. When Jenny decided to show her son what life would be like without her.

    Twitter: @jennyandteets

    Yes, she's pretending to drown.

    11. When Jason admitted his son could kick his ass.

    biggsjason / Via

    12. When Jenny tried to master the task of packing her kid's lunch.

    13. When Jason captured his favorite view.

    biggsjason / Via

    14. When Jenny let everyone in on what really happens in her bedroom.

    jennyandteets2 / Via

    15. When Jason decided to trick his kid into thinking he was just a head.

    16. When Jenny let their kid put sunscreen on Jason.

    jennyandteets2 / Via

    17. When Jason showed us the real reason he sleeps alone.

    biggsjason / Via

    18. When Jenny didn't want the family dog to feel left out.

    19. And when Jason was twinning with Jenny.

    biggsjason / Via

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