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17 Kids Who Were Savages To Poor, Innocent Food

What did food ever do to you, kid?

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1. The evil kid who put these innocent bananas in the washer.

gemholdsworth / Via

2. The barbarian children who ate the tops off these muffins.

betsy1486 / Via

3. The monster of a child who wronged this PB & J.

joeyeegee / Via

4. The creature who was so cruel to these apples.

7thlibra / Via

5. The little rascal who treated cottage cheese like anything but food.

mariannenervik / Via

6. The beast kid who insulted this poor hamburger.

kidsaretheworst / Via

7. The animal who drowned this fresh fruit in a glass of water.

dexterandmolly / Via

8. The brute who ruined this once delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup.

proofwhywecanthavenicethings / Via

9. The child savage who just tore apart nearly every part of their lunch.

iamthemaineevent / Via

10. The troll who just wasted these potato chips.

taralianne / Via

11. The baboon who wasted all these Cheerios.

mikilikesit / Via

12. The tyrant who took one bite of each chicken finger and then said "ew" to this scrumptious meal.

ashleymarielincoln / Via

13. The wretch who obviously ruined a perfectly good happy hour.

ihavetwobabies / Via

14. The goon who wants Ranch dressing on a hot dog.

whitliff6 / Via

15. The crook who broke all the eggs.

5shell1bell7 / Via

16. The critter who doesn't like oranges.

glopezpineda / Via


17. And the urchin child who placed their food like this:

smbueno73 / Via

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