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    17 People Who Had Better Luck Than You Will Ever Have

    Literally so jealous.

    1. This person whose jeans ripped and exposed their whole ass.

    2. This person whose money got burnt.

    3. This guy who was sleeping when the air conditioner fell on his face.

    4. This mom whose son won a gerbil at school and then later found out it was pregnant.

    5. This person whose apple cutter broke and sliced their hand.

    6. This person whose birthday cake ended up on the lid of the box.

    7. This person who discovered the pepper shake lid was unscrewed after they poured it.

    8. This person whose car window got bashed in.

    9. This person whose credit card fell out of their back pocket.

    10. This person whose bra ripped during class and she had to use safety pins to keep it together.

    11. This person whose window was rolled down and a bird shit on the seat.

    12. This person whose fortune was not found.

    13. And this person who just didn't get a fortune at all.

    14. And this person who just broke a bed.

    15. This person whose charger busted.

    16. This person who will never quench their thirst.

    17. And this person who got summoned.