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19 Ridiculous But Legit Reasons People Had To Get Divorces

"When he dropped me off for my hysterectomy and I didn’t see him again for three days."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they knew it was time to get divorced and we recently shared a post with some of the responses. But, boy, oh boy, are there a lot more wild stories.

1. "When he got jealous and mad over the fact that our new kitten preferred to sleep on me instead of him."

2. "When my dad had a heart attack and the first thing my now-ex said to me was, 'Well, I can’t take any time off of work.'"

3. "Our 7-week-old daughter was in the NICU for five days and he went golfing. Twice."

4. "When he threw down a game controller then threw himself down to the floor, pounding the floor, kicking, and crying in frustration — for reals."

5. "When I got a call from a man telling me his wife and my husband had sex in her car after a work happy hour. When my ex came home, he eventually admitted it all."

6. "When I had divorce paperwork delivered to me and realized he filed for divorce on my birthday...after he sent me flowers. My birthday has never been the same."

7. "After 10 years, he still didn’t have a full time job. Then he said, 'Let’s have a baby to save the marriage.' Nope."

8. "Since I worked full time and my husband only worked part time, I asked him to fill out our 3-year-old twins' nursery school placement forms. He told me he visited some and enrolled them in school, he even gave me a start day and time. When I showed up to take the twins there on their first day, I found out they were never enrolled."

9. "When he spent $2,000 on Facebook games instead of making the car payment and our car was repossessed."

10. "I became pregnant three months after we were married thanks to a birth control malfunction. We had just moved on a whim (his big idea) to a new city and were about to interview for a new job (at the same office). I wasn’t ready to have a baby at 22 — and perhaps the deep dread I felt upon finding out I was pregnant should have been a red flag. He seemed to fully support me in my decision not to keep the pregnancy..." (The husband then told their whole office she was getting an abortion. Read the full story below.)

11. "When he dropped me off for my hysterectomy and I didn’t see him again for three days. My daughter had to drive me home from the hospital."

12. "When I realized I was in love with a man. When I made that realization, I told her I was gay and couldn’t pretend anymore. I never cheated."

13. "After 16 years of marriage, I kicked him out when I saw an email pop up on his phone that said, '(Girl's name) responded to your Ashley Madison profile and wants to meet you.' I found the email and a bunch more from other girls."

14. "When he left me and my infant son at 1 a.m. to 'help' his female coworker who was 'stranded at a park.' Spoiler alert: She wasn't stranded and he was gone for over two hours."

15. "When I had an affair and didn’t feel bad about it."

16. "When she left me and our kids at Disney World to go home — later I found out her 'boyfriend' was there."

17. "He made me go outside in -25 degree wind-chill to start the car. I had just gotten over walking pneumonia and wasn't supposed to be outside for too long. I know that sounds petty, but it was just another example of how selfish and uncaring he was."

18. "Every time I went to my doctor, he would ask about my marriage and I cried every time. Finally I had an appointment where I said we are separating and I didn't cry. I knew I was past the point of caring about my marriage anymore."

19. "When his mother insulted me and told me I needed to give her a grandchild because I 'wasn't getting any younger.' That was the last straw after of years of being disrespected without him so much as saying a word to defend me."

Some submissions have been editing for length and/or clarity.

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