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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Oct 3, 2016

    15 Incredibly Clever Parents Who Nailed The Whole Parenting Thing

    Teach me your ways.

    1. This dad who got a free back scratch by letting his kids play race cars on the back of his shirt.

    escapeejays / Via

    2. This mom who didn't want to push a grocery cart and a stroller, so she did this:

    ohh_lala_dee / Via

    3. These parents who put popsicle sticks over the power button on the TV.

    4. This mom who properly utilizes wine corks for sensory activities.

    5. This dad who made the perfect outdoor playpen.

    6. This mom who used her apron as a food catcher under her kid's high chair.

    7. These parents who figured out how to actually get work done with a kid.

    8. This dad who doesn't even have to get up to push his kid on the swing.

    9. These parents who used a mattress sheet as a playpen.

    10. This mom who forgot a bib, so she improvised with a convenient store sack.

    11. This mom who used her kid's scooter to bring in groceries.

    2littlefaces / Via

    12. This dad who turned his backyard into a water park.

    13. This mom who ran out of bread, so she made her kid meat and cheese rollups held together with uncooked spaghetti.

    relayremy / Via

    14. This dad who put a play mat on the back of his kid's vibration chair so his kid could have toys to play with.

    15. And these parents who used a wine carrier to put booze on one side and baby essentials on the other before going out.

    ladbabyofficial / Via

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