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13 Parents Who Will Win Parent Of The Year For Bribing Their Children

Let's make a deal...

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1. When you just can't take watching another kid's movie.

Apoceclipso / Via Twitter: @WBlizters

2. And when you just can't take watching any kid's show in general.

Anna Pardy / Via Twitter: @anna_pardy

3. When you will gladly trade an M&M for beef.

Micah Erin / Via Twitter: @micaherin247

4. When your kid's money is just your money.

Ella / Via Twitter: @ellahush

5. When you turn to fast food because – let's be real – parks are draining.

strutter / Via Twitter: @SierrahBWB

6. When you need the latest gossip on your own kid.

Melissa de la Cruz / Via Twitter: @MelissadelaCruz

7. When you're in dire need of Target and those stupid cars are only a dollar.

Shannon Doleski / Via Twitter: @ShannonDoleski

8. When you use sweets as your secret weapon.

Mykenna / Via Twitter: @Mykenna_1D

9. When you make the best deals you know how to in the middle of the night.

Jicky / Via Twitter: @JickyJuly

10. When you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Rebecca / Via Twitter: @theJoyVacuum

11. When the bribing benefits both parties.

Famous Amos / Via Twitter: @amy_reeser

12. When you argue to get your way to what you want.

Meghan Robbins / Via Twitter: @Meghan_Robbins

13. And when you have that AH HA moment.

Elad Nehorai / Via Twitter: @PopChassid

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