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    15 Quirky Ideas That Are Honestly Just Brilliant Hacks

    Brilliant indeed.

    1. Hide your money in panty-liner packaging when you go out.

    tutorialaccount / Via

    2. Easily clean blinds by wrapping towels over tongs.

    3. Use a contact case to store pills when you go somewhere.

    4. Use a pants hanger to make chip clips.

    lindsay_head / Via

    5. Put a bowl under a colander when serving ice at a party so it doesn't get watered down.

    6. Use an uncooked spaghetti noodle to light candles with short wicks.

    __ladyland__ / Via

    7. Use glue to remove splinters.

    Simply let the glue dry and the splinter should peel off along with the glue! Via The Tamara Blog.

    8. Use an old tissue box to store your plastic bags.

    9. Use your air vent when you don't have a dryer.

    mary_k_o / Via

    10. Use a mesh laundry bag to hold smaller items in the dishwasher.

    11. Use dental floss to easily slice soft foods.

    12. Use Doritos to kindle a fire.

    It's true! The chemicals, powdered flavors, and oil in the chips make them easily combustible. Via Newsiosity.

    13. Use a straw when you don't want to make a mess with yogurt.

    kikaymomma / Via

    14. Pour your coffee into ice cube trays so your iced coffee won't get watered down.

    15. Use dish soap and apple cider to keep away gnats.

    izzybella73 / Via

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