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    15 Kids That'll Make You Never Want To Be A Parent, Like Ever

    The horror.

    1. Imagine opening up your laptop to find half of the keys picked off by your kid.

    2. Imagine busting out your wallet to pay for your kid's lego removal procedure.

    3. Imagine getting injured while your kids are begging you to push them faster at the park.

    4. Imagine cleaning human shit off your recliner.

    5. Imagine explaining to Home Depot why there is urine all over the bathroom display.

    6. Imagine cleaning out this bin full of smelly, poopy diapers.

    7. Imagine trying to keep track of your kid and your pet at the airport at the same time.

    8. Imagine the glares from people after you turned your back and your kid was doing this.

    9. Imagine fake chuckling at this drawing your kid made that was displayed on the wall at school.

    10. Imagine spending your day cleaning up the fluffing your kids removed from the couch cushions.

    11. Imagine walking around not knowing there are visible boogars all over you.

    12. Imagine sacrificing the last bowl of macaroni for your kid and your kid spilling it EVERYWHERE.

    13. Imagine opening your lipsticks to find out your kid has chowed down on all of them.

    14. Imagine thinking your kid is playing nice and quietly, but then walking into this mess.

    15. Imagine cleaning this creamy shit off of your baby, your couch, and probably your hands.

    But, wait a minute. Now imagine forgetting all the disasters your kid created because you love them so much.