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    If Dad Bods Are Hot, Mom Bods Are Like Ten Thousand Times Hotter

    "This body grew a whole person who means everything to me."

    Lots of people talk about dad bods and how sexy they are.

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    And all bodies are sexy, yes. But, no one talks about the real sexiness of A MOM BOD.

    Because moms carried humans inside them and – to paraphrase this mom – they don’t need their belly buttons anymore anyway!

    And when I say "carried humans inside them," I mean they GREW HUMANS INSIDE THEM.

    y’all, i bought my first bikini and i love it sooo much 😭 tbh i’ve struggled a lot w my appearance since giving birth to zeke... but this body grew a whole person who means everything to me 💗 so f the haters #mombod

    So, yeah, there's a lot of sexiness in that.

    Rockin the mom bod since 2012 🤘🏼

    Their boobs produced milk!

    Their babies made their skin stretch...

    And changed the appearance of their stomachs in a beautiful way.

    Moms are strong.

    Moms are an inspiration.


    *thirst trap alert* mom bod appreciation post from last year when i was thinner & tanner

    They look amazing in two-piece swimsuits.

    And they look incredible in yoga clothes.

    Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Mahatma Gandhi ⠀ ⠀ Who can you forgive today? It may even be yourself. Be strong. Be free. ⠀ ⠀ #forgiveness #doseofwellness #motivationalquotes #postpartumyoga #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #mombod #…

    Mom bods need to be appreciated every damn day.

    Because what a mom's body has done is sexy in so many ways.

    So, let's admire that...



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