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    13 Hilariously Dramatic Kids Who Proved Hate Mail Is The Ultimate Way To Get Back At Your Parents

    Turn that frown upside down.

    1. This kid who learned rules can really suck.

    erinlaser / Via

    Just wait until a car is involved.

    2. This kid who decided it's time to move out.

    fiziorach / Via

    ...probably to the backyard.

    3. This kid who wants to hear the painful truth.

    jenraewood / Via

    ...and right the fuck now.

    4. This kid who was planning ahead.

    _cavallo / Via

    Complete with hand-drawn emojis.

    5. This kid who was mad, but still sorry for any "tipyos."

    killingmoon82 / Via

    You're forgiven.

    6. This kid who likes to visualize her anger with a drawing.

    tammylamason / Via

    7. This kid who flat-out said what every kid has always wanted to say.

    Twitter: @bbnjSue

    Say please and it might just work.

    8. This kid who found out Halloween is about more than just candy.

    heidiwhosie / Via

    Wait. It's ALL about candy.

    9. This kid who is super pissed at mom.

    raeraegrace / Via

    You can't argue with 12 exclamation points.

    10. This kid who confused headwear with anger.

    meyer671 / Via

    11. This kid who includes handy tips.

    ashleynicolefitmom / Via

    12. This kid who is desperate for answers.

    iwasonlykiding / Via

    13. And the kid who knew that worst type of hate mail is a direct insult.

    _oodlesofnoodles / Via

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