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16 Futuristic Advances That Have Happened In Our World Over The Last Decade

I'll take a fart on demand, please.

1. Two people were reportedly cured of HIV:

“This will inspire people that cure is not a dream”

In 2009, a man received a stem-cell transplant from a donor who was genetically resistant to HIV and leukemia. He became the first person to be reportedly cured of HIV. Then, again, in 2019, another individual received a stem-cell transplant that replaced their white blood cells with HIV-resistant versions and had no sign of the virus returning.

2. Partial vision was restored to six people who were blind:

#thisisthefuture Scientists were able to partially restore sight to six people! This technology accesses the brain’s visual cortex and a video camera attached to glasses will send images directly to electrodes implanted in the brain.

In 2019, it was reported that six trial participants who were blind had received an implant that transmitted video images to their brains. The system, called Orion, works through a video camera that is attached to glasses that send footage to electrodes implanted in the visual cortex of each individual's brain, allowing them to have partial vision.

3. Robots delivered food, replacing waiters at a restaurant:

#Futuristic Restaurant #Robots replace waiters in #China 🇨🇳

In 2018 it was announced that a restaurant in China did not have human waiters and was using little robotic waiters to serve food to people instead. The robots wheel up to tables, raise their glass lids to reveal the meal, and then tell people to "enjoy their meal."

4. Whole-body, free-roaming virtual reality experiences were introduced:

Traffic Alert: Friendly Trunkhorses spotted on Rodeo Drice. #DreamscapeVR

In 2018, Dreamscape Immersive opened the first-ever cinematic VR movie experience. It is a free-roaming, interactive virtual reality simulation located at Westfield Century City in LA and NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas.

5. As well as the first in-car virtual reality experiences:

It’s a perfect night for mystery & horror. Universal Monsters presents The Bride of Frankenstein @Holoride VR Experience powered by @Ford! Come down to Universal City Walk in Hollywood October 14 – November 9. Reserve your complimentary tickets now:

Holoride is a company working to advance the future of in-vehicle entertainment, like virtual reality experiences while driving. They used new 2020 model Ford vehicles to create the first in-car virtual reality experience in front of Universal CityWalk in LA.

6. A developer was able to control JavaScript with her thoughts:

Yes, this developer can control JavaScript with her mind! #IoT #makers #javascript #nodebots #thisisthefuture

In 2018, Charlie Gerard was able to successfully mind-control JavaScript. For instance, she moved a 3D cube forward in her browser just by thinking about pushing it. The "mental commands" Charlie created are: push, pull, lift, drop, left, right, rotate left, rotate right, rotate clockwise, rotate counter-clockwise, rotate forward, rotate reverse, and disappear.

7. The prototype for a device that allows men to breastfeed was created:

London student Marie-Claire Springham has designed a prototype of a 'chestfeeding kit', which allows men to be able to breastfeed their kids. She says she was inspired by stories of men suffering from post-natal depression. What are your thoughts?

British American product designer Marie-Claire Springham created a kit that allows fathers to "chestfeed" their children. In order to produce the milk, fathers would need to take progestin (aka the non-estrogen-based birth control pill) for nine months. "The progestin initiates the changes necessary for your chest to hold milk. The father-to-be will also need to take 40mg of domperidone four times a day, starting six weeks before baby’s due date. This will initiate the creation of prolactin," Marie-Claire explained to BuzzFeed.

8. Machines that deliver medications to patients were used in hospitals:

Just ran into this robot. It stopped upon sensing me and then moved away from me. I am told it is a dispenser that reportedly delivers drugs/medications to any floor in the hospital. It knows how to find its way to its destination(s)...😳🙌🏽🙌🏽 #ModernMedicine

In 2018, Aethon made a robot that moves materials, medications, and clinical supplies anywhere they need to go.

9. Tesla cars featured fart turn signals:

Elon Musk's team has equipped Teslas with a drop-down list of six different on-demand fart noises that are triggered with a wheel click or turn signal. There is also a “romance mode” where a burning fireplace comes on the screen.

10. A thing called "grooveless metal engineering" happened and it was almost too satisfying:

Precision engineering grooveless tech the next thing

In 2019, people on Twitter were ogling the manufacturing process known as EDM (electrical discharge machining). The grooveless metal is made by an electrical current that produces heat up to 12,000°C (21,500°F), melting precise cuts through the material. It results in cuts so precise that they can barely be seen when the pieces are put back together.

11. "Smart" gloves could recognize American Sign Language and translate it into text:

From translating hearing aids to sign language gloves, amazing technology! #MondayMotivation #Translation #Interpretation #SignLanguage #ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #Language #LanguageandTechnology #Technology #TechnologyAdvances

The glove was created in 2017 by researchers at the University of California San Diego. They are able to translate ASL into digital text on a corresponding computer or smartphone. When someone wearing the glove signs ASL, the letters are recognized by variances in the electrical resistance in the glove. The variances allow an onboard computer to figure out which letter is being signed.

12. Single-driver, three-wheeled electric vehicles became available for purchase:

Electra Meccanica's Solo 3-wheeled electric vehicle will qualify for California's CVRP rebate

Electra Meccanica's solo vehicle — introduced in 2019 — only takes three hours to fully charge and is compatible with universal charging stations everywhere.

13. And tires that adapt to road condition changes were brought to life:

Hexonic tires by hancook. An Intelligent and futuristic concept of tires, analyzing the condition of the road in real time to adapt its shape accordingly. 🎥 @t3chformation on Instagram #tech #tires #futuristic #smarttechnology #cartech #automatedcars #wheels #robots #solution

"Smart" tires that adjust width and pressure to adapt to road conditions were first introduced around 2016, but Hexonic tires made specifically for self-driving cars started being marketed in 2018. They are made with a focus on comfort for the passengers.

14. 3D technology was used for brain surgery, cast alternatives, and so much more:

3D printed plaster cast alternative #3d_printing

Sichuan Revotek is a Chinese biotechnology firm that was able to 3D-print blood vessels made from stem cells and implant them into monkeys. The 2017 discovery is an advance toward developing artificial organ transplants.

15. A needle-less alternative to traditional stitches started being practiced:

This medical invention uses adhesive to repair wounds without stitches

DermaClip was invented in 2014 and it allows for "painless" stitches. It is made up of two pieces of adhesive that stick to the skin and bring two sides of a wound together so that they can heal.

16. And a personal thermostat is in the process of being perfected:

Engineers at @UCSDJacobs have developed a wearable patch that could provide personalized cooling and heating at home, work, or on the go. #DesignEngineering #MedicalDevelopments

Engineers at the University of California San Diego developed a wearable patch in 2019 that has the potential to provide personalized cooling and heating through a stretchy patch that cools or warms the wearer's skin.