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These 19 Random Foods Facts Are Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

Food for thought.

1. The red food dye in Skittles is made from boiled beetles.

2. And gummy bears are coated in the same wax used to coat vehicles.

3. If you put a grape in the microwave, it will explode.

4. Double-dipping doesn't spread any more germs than single-dipping does.

5. Crackers and chips give you cavities faster than candy does.

6. Potatoes can absorb and reflect Wi-Fi.

7. Girl Scout cookies are made by two different bakeries.

8. Most wasabi consumed in the U.S. is not real, but made of colored horseradish.

9. All bananas are clones.

10. Scientists have figured out how to turn peanut butter into diamonds.

11. And peanuts are not nuts, they are actually legumes.

12. German chocolate cake has absolutely nothing to do with Germans or Germany.

13. Oranges aren't naturally orange.

14. The white film on salmon is edible. It's actually protein!

15. Most oysters you eat are still alive.

16. Butter should be stored in the fridge, not at room temperature.

17. Every color of Fruit Loops tastes the same.

18. Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.

19. Castoreum is an secretion that comes from the anal glands of a beaver to mark its territory, and it is used for food flavorings like vanilla and in some bourbons.