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    Emotions You Only Experience When You Have To Move A Carseat

    *Gets anxiety just thinking about it*

    That moment when you realize the inevitable.

    Spohr / Via BuzzFeed

    So you bargain with your partner to try to get them to do it.


    But they already can't even deal.


    And you're just thinking to yourself:


    You're both trying to calmly rationalize the situation with your kid in the background like:


    Then your partner comes back at you with something like this:

    And you just need a sec to regroup.

    TV Land

    And beg...


    You try not to get angry, but you just do.

    Comedy Bang! Bang!

    And all you can think about is this:


    Then you think back to a happier time when your ancestors never even had to worry about these sorts of things.

    You get a little depressed...


    But you suck it up and realize it's a reality every parent must face at one point or another.

    A & E

    So you walk to the car thinking good thoughts...

    You get there and you can't figure out where the damn anchor is, the plastic keeps scraping your arm, you can't get the buckle undone, and there are straps everywhere.


    And as you attempt to pull the obnoxious thing out, it gets stuck on the seatbelt or something.


    You struggle. You sweat.


    But you finally slay the task at hand (20 minutes later).

    You are a legit badass.


    Until you realize you're going to have to move it again at some point in the future.


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