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    16 Dogs Who — Let's Face It — Aren't Very Happy With Their Owners

    Oh, the things dogs would say if they could only talk...

    1. This dog who looked like a fool in front of his friends:

    2. This dog who deserves toenail polish after what she's been through:

    My mom got her dog’s feet shaved so that they wouldn’t get as dirty when she went outside.........

    3. These dogs who got caught red-handed in the act:

    Lmao my mom got cameras in my house and she was re watching the videos to see what our dogs do while we're gone and now she's pissed😭😭😂

    Yes, they did it all over the house:

    4. This dog who got a hyena-looking haircut and marked with purple:

    my dog ran away so my stepmom decided to shave and color him purple so hed be too embarassed to run away again

    5. This dog who knows he's better looking than this replica of him:

    Waited 10 weeks for this and even my dog looks pissed!

    6. This dog who was given a hairstyle like George Washington:

    7. And this dog who was given this very uncomfortable coat:

    8. This dog who can't seem to get any privacy:

    9. This dog who knows baby clips aren't her thing:

    10. And this dog who has to sport mini clips in his beard:

    11. This dog who knows it's rude to not share beer:

    12. This dog who hates being woken up from beauty rest:

    13. And this dog who wasn't asking to look like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz:

    14. This dog who only got a haircut on his face:

    15. This dog who is upset with his situation:

    I've never seen a dog so pissed and embarassed... He has that fml face lol

    16. And this dog who really isn't that happy about the holidays:

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