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13 Hilarious Gender Reveal Fails That'll Make You Say, "Sorry, But It's Funny!"

Grab the popcorn.

1. Let's start with a simple cake disappointment. This dad (who is not expecting twins) cut into this gender reveal cake only to find out...nothing. He knows nothing.

2. Let's look at one that's not the baker's fault this time. This time, baby-to-be's older brother ruined the surprise.

Facebook: video.php

3. A pizza gender reveal sounds pretty cool. That is until you realize the gender of the baby is supposed to be written in the toppings.

4. You can feel the disappointment of the poor mother in this gender reveal. Congrats! It's...just confusion.

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"They didn't even put the card back in there. So, we don't even know." –The sad dad.

5. The sweet wife of this fireman thought it would be cute to send her hubby gender reveal cupcakes. Sounds great, until the daddy-to-be eats the entire cupcake in one bite, not realizing the cream in the middle is pink.

6. In this lovely gender reveal, the couple does, indeed, find out the gender of their baby...after the ball smashes in the catcher's face.

#genderreveal @barstoolsports @BleacherReport epic win or fail? @espn @jerryoftheday

7. Food for thought: sports might not be the best idea for gender reveals.

When you're about to find out the gender of your child but refuse to swing at a pitch high and inside (Via @HearKyleTait) https://t.co/WXXfmUORov

8. This spunky wife who decided waking her husband up with a dyed blue cake in his face was the best way to tell him they're expecting a boy.

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9. This first-time dad who was SO happy when he found out he was having a boy. But – in a turn of events – finds out grandma read the ultrasound wrong and he’s actually having a girl. OOPS.

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10. This family whose gender surprise was literally dumped on them.

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11. This couple who launched pink fireworks into a crowd of people. Watch the full video on The New York Post.

12. This premature balloon pop that totally killed the suspense.

13. And this girl who actually refers to the baby as a "niece" before the cake is even cut (good thing mom was too excited to notice).

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