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    17 Perfectly Amazing Pics The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones" Took Behind The Scenes


    1. When Daenerys Targaryen had to wear a waterproof bonnet to shield her hair from the rain.

    2. When King Joffrey and Melisandre sported a casual look on the throne.

    3. When baby Arya posed in a beanie on her first day on set.

    4. When Khalessi, Missandei, Grey Worm, and Mossador made these badass poses.

    5. And when Sansa and Arya made these iconic poses in their Medieval outfits.

    6. When Cersei was getting glammed up, like the queen she is.

    7. When Tommen cozied up next to Septa with their matching smirks.

    8. When Theon and Yara sported some stylish shades.

    9. When the beloved Mother of Dragons danced to 2Pac.

    10. And when this clan decided to play a game of Head's Up.

    11. When Tormund took a selfie before the Battle of the Bastards.

    12. When this action shot of Sansa and Theon was captured.

    13. When Jon Snow thought he was a dragon.

    14. And when he sported his cute glasses.

    15. When Bran thought about dropping a boulder on Hodor's head.

    16. When Melisandre showed of her fashionable wardrobe clip.

    17. And when the clan posed together for this lovely set photo.