13 Futuristic Baby Products That’ll Make You Realize You Had It Rough As A Kid

It’s a new age.

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1. This futuristic stroller features sensors which allow it to move without being pushed.

This all-in-one stroller by smartbe also features more than 10 other functions you can control with a smartphone or smartwatch including a bottle warmer, an automatic rocking chair, an electronic locker, an anti-theft sensor, and webcams. You can preorder this stroller for $3,199.

2. This wireless smart scale and changing pad tracks your baby as they grow.

The Hatch Baby Grow features a built-in, wireless smart scale that allows you to track your baby’s weight. It also tracks how much your baby is drinking at each feeding. You can pre-order it for $129 and it will ship out in May.

3. This device which keeps track of how many words you say to your baby per day.

The Starling counts the number of words you say to your baby so you know you are talking to them enough. It is available for $199.

4. This carseat lets the driver know when the baby isn’t buckled properly and also when the baby is in the car.

Featuring SensorSafe technology, the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat has a smart chest clip and wireless receiver. It plays gentle tones that alert you if your baby is not buckled and it also plays tones to remind you that your baby is in the carseat once you reach a destination. Buy it now for $130.88.

5. This gliding seat features gentle rocking motions and can be controlled through a smartphone.

The mamaRoo features gentle motions and speeds to soothe your baby. You can play the built-in sounds on the infant seat, or you can connect any MP3 device to play a song of your choice. You can purchase it for $249.99.

6. This potty chair comes with a holder for your iPad.

The iPotty features an activity stand for your iPad. Get if for $33.99.

7. This sensor keeps track of your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Mimo uses proprietary sensor technology to help parents learn about the patterns of their baby’s sleep. It can also connect to multiple caregivers at once. You can purchase it for $199.

8. This cry analyzer lets you know the reason for your baby’s cries.

The WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer will interpret your baby’s cries to help determine what they need. You can get your own for $138.

9. This recliner allows you to charge your device while nursing.

The Kiwi Swivel Glider and Electronic Recliner features an outlet so you can charge your phone while you nurse or rock your baby. It will be available for purchase March, 2017 for $599.

10. This sensor alerts you when your baby has peed or pooped.

DDiaper Baby Talking Pee And Poop Alarm comes with a monitor that is safe and non-radiative. It features a mobile app that alerts you when your baby has peed or pooped. It is available for $28.74.

11. This soothing machine features a special “shushing” sound to soothe babies.

The Baby Shusher quickly soothes fussy babies with a rhythmic “shush” sound. Get it for $31.49.

12. This sound system plays music at safe levels for your baby in the womb.

The Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System connects with your mp3 player, iPod, or smartphone and analyzes the patterns in your music to deliver music at safe and comfortable levels for your baby inside the womb. Buy it for $135.95.

13. This bottle warmer evenly heats bottles without hot spots.

The Boon Orb steam heats bottles and baby food without hot spots. You can buy it now for $18.54.

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