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I Am Dumbfounded After Hearing These "Compliments" Guys Thought They Gave Women When They Were Just Flat-Out Insults

"I bet you have never been told this, but you're actually beautiful."

TikTok user @playboicatie recently went viral for asking women to share the worst thing a guy has said to them that was meant as a compliment:

In her TikTok — which has over 3 million views — she says, "I had just started hanging out with this guy and we were talking about music. All of a sudden he goes, 'You know, I really like you. You're different.' And I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'I just wouldn't be able to have this conversation with any other girl. They're all just stupid.' Buddy, listen. I'm sure every girl has the intellectual capacity to listen to you talk about Astroworld for 45 minutes. ... The difference is that they just didn't want to and I feel like they are actually smarter than me because they were able to avoid this situation entirely."

User @caseyericka then shared her own story about a time she was hooking up with a guy. He pulled her on top of him and whispered in her ear, "I'm not afraid of big girls."

And some idiot told @beskarbaby that she was "really cute for an Asian girl":


#stitch with @playboicatie this is probably not the worst thing a guy has said to me for a compliment i'm just pretty sure i blocked it out of my head

♬ original sound - darth maul's korean housewife

Other women started sharing their own terrible experiences with men in the comment section of the original video, like user @user827610904. A guy told her, "I could be with so many other girls right now, but I'm with you."

@quitarichvoice said some dude interrupted her story to say, "Wow! You used that word correctly!" He then went on to tell her how he was surprised that she had such a strong vocabulary.

A guy told user @anna.mrh that she's "not like other girls," to which she responded: "Baby, yes I am and that's a good thing."

User @m14c1cc0n1 told a guy she was seeing that she had an eating disorder, and he responded with, "I like that you're chubby."

Some guy told @jeanthefrog, "I bet you have never been told this, but you're actually beautiful."

When user @dummy.thicc69 caught her boyfriend texting other girls, he said, "Baby, I love you. I just gotta make sure I really love you by trying out other girls."

Some guy who had just broken up with his girlfriend asked @wrenmichele63 out and then said, "I'm just tired of dating pretty, model-type girls."

User @imrightthough cried after a guy told her, "You'd be pretty if you tried."

Out of nowhere, a guy told @baabyaj, "It's cool how you're not insecure about your back hair." She said she is now insecure about it.

A guy told user @hdjenmem, "It's just so crazy that you're funny, because most girls aren't."

And, lastly, a guy actually told @gale.of.the.north that her body was "comfortable like a couch."

OK, I can't handle any more of these. Men, do better.