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This Woman Removed All The "Reserved" Towels At A Resort Because She Couldn't Find An Open Lounge Chair, And It Caused Complete Chaos On The Beach

"Four (!!) hours later, an older couple shows up stating that they had towels there. We got kicked off after they got help from an attendant..."

Hello, my sweets. We are not here to beat around the bush, we are here to let our petty revenge cup runneth over, so let's get to it!

In the r/pettyrevenge thread, Reddit user u/konijn12 shared that she was recently vacationing at an all-inclusive resort. "The first day, we couldn’t find any lounge chairs by the beach or by the sea — fair enough because we arrived in the afternoon. The next day we go to find a spot but most of them were ‘taken’ by towels. We found an empty seat but, to our surprise, many of the chairs stayed reserved the whole day and never got used..."

Lounge chairs on the beach

On the third day, u/konijn12 decided to take a couple of towels off and enjoy the loungers with their partner. "Four (!!) hours later, an older couple shows up stating that they had towels there. We got kicked off after they got help from an attendant."

"That pissed me off, so every following day I took the towels off every unattended lounger after breakfast and went to watch the chaos from my balcony," she said.

They saw many people complain over the week but, by the end of their stay, the resort put up a sign stating unattended towels would be removed from loungers. "Success!"

Rolls of beach towels with an 'X' drawn over them

I think we've all been at a beach or pool where "towel reservation" is a common practice. And a lot of people have petty stories about it too. Like user u/Maximum-Dealer-6208, who said, "We used to go to the beach for a week every summer. One day, the pool area was empty but every chair had towels on them. My siblings and I collected the towels and put them all on one set of chairs. It was chaos."

Three people looking at a laptop with the caption, "Towel count = 0 Mission accomplished!"

Other people started sharing their similar stories of annoying encounters with "seat reservers." u/Rabid_Dingo said, "My parents have a timeshare at a resort. We decided 15 minutes is our window before chairs are free game. We once got into a pissing match with an old couple because we moved vacant loungers into an open space next to them because they were going to 'use it later.' They weren't even saving chairs. They were trying to save open space. We didn't move."

Some people apparently make it their life's mission to reserve seats "just in case." "My husband was the head of outside maintenance at a condo resort. There would be owners who would 'reserve' the tables with umbrellas as soon as he opened the pool," shared u/Imaginary-Yak-6487.

And the seat reserving expands to other areas too. For example, user NotUnique_______ shared their reservation run-in while camping. "Someone tried to reserve a campsite for their RV with a fucking trash bag. Like, the site looked trashed when I arrived. So I cleaned it up, pitched my tent, built a fire, and cooked dinner. Around 10 p.m., these idiots roll up saying I 'stole their site' even though they just left a trash bag. No camp chairs, cooler, or anything. Just garbage."

"There was a group of girls at a mall I used to frequent who would get there at like 10 a.m. when the mall opened, push four or five tables together and leave a paper on the tables that said 'reserved for xyz.' They wouldn't be back until 2 or 3 p.m. One day I was in the food court and my knee gave out so I sat in one of the 'reserved' chairs to get my brace on and they showed up complaining about how I was at their 'reserved' tables."

A sign that says Reserved for entitled spoiled brats

The whole concept of reserving seats (or tables) and leaving in case you want to sit there several hours later is ridiculous. "When I worked as a holiday rep in Portugal, one manager used to go around at 9 a.m. and throw the unattended towels in the pool. I used to warn my guests, but they loved it and said it was excellent entertainment," said u/ToriaLyons.

A large pool surrounded by palm trees and lounge chairs

And let's end with food for thought from u/BitchInBoots66. "The entire concept of 'reserving' a seat using a towel is ridiculous. How dare someone think other people should have to sit on the ground just because they hung a towel there. Talk about selfish and entitled."