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This Woman Explained How And Why Her Husband Breastfed From Her, And Here's Why Your Partner May Do The Same One Day

"There is nothing wrong or unsafe about having your partner nurse — it's more of a mental block than anything."

If you thought you'd seen it all — think again. Because, once again, TikTok is here to prove you wrong...


A woman named Jennifer recently shared the story of why her husband, Toni, ~breastfed~ from her:

In her TikTok, which has nearly 12 million views, Jennifer explained how she had mastitis (an infection that can happen if you're breastfeeding). Because of this, she had a big clump of milk stuck in her milk ducts. Jennifer tried to find natural remedies to relieve and express the clog, but she didn't have any luck...that is, until her husband "breastfed" from her and was able to suck it out.

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To learn more about this wild experience, BuzzFeed talked to Jennifer and Toni. "The best description for someone who hasn't gone through mastitis before is it feels like a hot sunburn on the skin, plus a deep bruised feeling. After I got diagnosed with it, the pain went on for two and a half days and my baby couldn't nurse from that side because nothing was coming out. There were a lot of tears," she said.

Even though Jennifer's doctor prescribed her antibiotics, she said they weren't helping and the pain was unbearable. So, she started searching for natural ways to relieve the clogged milk duct.

After none of the natural remedies worked, Jennifer got desperate. "I saw this article recommending your partner suck the clog out. I turned to my husband and I was like, 'Would you help me out?' He was like, 'I would do that for you. I might gag. I might throw up. But I'd do that for you.'"

So Toni did it! "The clog that was stuck for almost three days with nothing working came out in three minutes flat. We definitely laughed a lot because he was spitting the milk out in a nearby bowl once it was unclogging. We didn't know what to expect to come out, so we had a whole setup. The whole situation was comical and awkward, but there's something about a man that would do these crazy things for you that is so attractive," said Jennifer.

And Toni is proud to say he breastfed off of her to clear her clogged milk duct. "Doing things like this — it's really what marriage is about. It isn't weird when it's your wife. You'd do anything for her when she's in pain, and you'd do anything to get your baby fed again," he said.

Jennifer said the mental aspect of thinking her husband was "breastfeeding" made it more awkward than it actually was. "I feel like we really psyched ourselves out about something that wasn't a big deal at all. Yeah, it definitely was awkward. Yeah, it was definitely an experience. This definitely bonded us for life. It's the little things that you do for your partner that really end up being the big things."

To get more information about mastitis and clogged milk ducts, BuzzFeed also spoke to registered nurse (RN) and international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) Priscila Medina. She has been a women's health nurse for over five years.

Priscilla explained that clogged milk ducts are quite common for breastfeeding mothers and that it's important to clear the clog right away so it doesn't turn into an infection and cause mastitis (which is what happened to Jennifer). "Clogged milk ducts can be a real nuisance. Milk gets stuck in the ducts — like a traffic jam — and it becomes a hard, tender lump."

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"Symptoms of mastitis may include flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, chills, fever, and overall crappy feeling. Breasts can be 'angry' red and hot to the touch, and swollen and hard. Breaks in the skin from nipple damage can also cause an infection that can lead to mastitis — and you'd need antibiotics to treat that. The best way to prevent mastitis is frequent emptying of milk from the breast...AKA not going long stretches without nursing or pumping," she added.

Pumping and/or nursing may be effective at clearing clogged milk ducts, but Priscilla confirmed that sometimes people can be way more efficient at clearing out the clog. "I have definitely recommended this to many of my clients when they have experienced this. Not all partners are game, but if they are willing, it can help! There is nothing wrong or unsafe about having your partner nurse — it's more of a mental block than anything," she said.

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Some natural ways Priscilla said that you can clear clogged ducts are with sunflower lecithin supplements and choline-rich foods. In addition, lots of nursing and pumping — and dangle feeding and Epsom salt baths (like Jennifer did) may work. Vibration may also help — even using things like an electric toothbrush! Hot showers and combing your breast with a wide-tooth comb are other ways. But always consult your doctor before trying any at-home remedies!

"Getting your partner involved in your breastfeeding journey — even the trials and tribulations — will only help you to bond. And always reach out to your IBCLC for any assistance you may need," concluded Priscilla.

You can follow Jennifer and Toni on Instagram and TikTok — and you can follow Priscilla on Instagram.

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