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What's The Strangest Recurring Dream You Keep Having?

Do you keep dreaming you're pregnant?

Sometimes dreams are truly strange.


And sometimes people have strange, recurring dreams that they just can't make sense of.

I keep having this horrifying dream where I get proposed to and say yes then panic till the wedding then chicken out and say yes again at the wedding then live my life in misery

Maybe there's the same celebrity involved every time the dream happens.

I keep on having this dream where I am playing a melody on a piano 🎹 and @LionelRichie walks in. Don't know what this means?

Or maybe someone keeps having dreams they're pregnant when they're not even trying to have a kid.

And things can get really weird when someone close to you has a dream similar to the one you always have.

keep having dreams imma have twins some day its funny that my bf had that same dream doe...#weird

There can also be ongoing dreams that are kind of scary.

I keep having dreams (different settings) where I'm trying to speak but I can't breathe. The voice is stuck in my throat and instead of voices I'm heaving in breaths. And while this is happening I'm gasping for breath in real life too, but don't wake up. Anyone else have this?

And they can also be kind of funny.

Keep having the same dream, where I shout out something I think is funny to a huge group of people, and nobody laughs

So tell us what strange dream you keep having in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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