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Ask Me, A Mom, What You've Always Secretly Wanted To Know About Giving Birth

I'm an open book.

Hi, internet world. I'm Krista and I've given birth vaginally in a hospital setting.

In the past, we've shared interesting (and somewhat scary) facts about childbirth from an expert.

But – before I gave birth – I remember having tons of questions that I wanted to ask regular people who had been through it.

Like, did you really poop while giving birth and, if so, DID IT STINK UP THE ROOM?!

I also had questions like, what does it really feel like to have stitches on your vagina? Is sex never the same afterwards?

How many people were in the room with you and what does it feel like to have those people staring directly at your vagina as a human comes out of it?

Also, what does an epidural feel like? FYI: The average epidural needle is over three inches long.

So, if you have any secret questions you want answered from a mom who will not hold back – go for it. I am an open book. Ask away in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

NOTE: Obviously, everyone’s experience with childbirth is different, so I can only speak to what happened to me personally.

If you want to remain anonymous, just say so after your question!