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    These Animals Are So Savage You Will Poop Your Pants

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    1. Somebody stop this ferocious beast looking for its next victim.

    supplysquare / Via

    2. And this herd of felines who are thinking about eating you for dinner.

    kaneyge / Via

    3. This scary guy who will bite through you like he does with this steel cage.

    vivleeyang / Via

    4. This pair of monsters who are waiting to get you.

    dreamvega / Via

    5. This horrifying kitty who pounces with passion.

    pleasantcats / Via

    6. Steer clear of this bunny who eats more than just grass.

    tawashi_usagi / Via

    7. This dog who knows the guy holding him is playing with fire.

    8. This evil pup who is plotting against you.

    just_puppy / Via

    9. This terrifying duck who is comin' for you.

    animalscutiess / Via

    10. This dog who will leave you shaking in your boots.

    landhuislabs / Via

    11. This baby turtle who is inching toward you with vengeance.

    reptilesman / Via

    12. This dog who is angry you are invading their personal space.

    cahlieakalilseagalcahl / Via

    13. This chipmunk who will show you what true fear is.

    joyfulgypsy / Via

    14. This pup who will definitely keep you up at night.

    bulldogs_n_bombs / Via

    15. And this monkey who is what nightmares are made of.

    dearbmo / Via

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