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If You're Secretly Curious About What It's Like To Breastfeed, I've Done It — So Ask Me!

Do you feel like a cow? Kinda.

Breastfeeding, AKA feeding your child with your milk-producing boobs.

Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Some moms choose to do it (and others don't, which is OK too!). I am one of the moms who chose to do it. I learned a lot. I experienced a lot. I am here to answer questions about what it was like from my own experience.

I fed my son straight from the boob and I also pumped. I eventually ended up switching to formula because I couldn't produce enough milk.

So, ask me things — like, maybe you want to know if boobs actually shoot milk out like a squirt gun?


Or maybe you want to know what it feels like when a child is sucking on your nipple.

Jorn / Getty Images

Perhaps you want to know what it's like to "leak" milk.


Whatever you're curious about, ask away! No question is ~too personal~ or off-limits! I will tell it straight from a mom's perspective. Ask your questions below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

NOTE: Obviously, everyone’s experience with breastfeeding is different, so I can only speak to what happened to me personally.

If you want to remain anonymous, just say so after your question!