People Are Sharing The Really Weird Food Dishes Their Families Ate Growing Up, And I Am Not OK

    I wish I didn't know what beef salad was.

    I'm sure we've all eaten some strange food dishes before, but this new TikTok trend may leave you second-guessing what you consider "strange"...

    TikTok user @taybeckerbeauty recently went viral for asking people to share what weird food they ate growing up that they thought was normal:

    She shared that her dad mixed cold peas, mayonnaise, and sugar as a dinner side all the time.

    Soon, many other people started jumping in to share the bizarre dishes they ate as kids. Like user @ruthielovescoffee, who said her parents would cook a pot roast and put the leftovers in a food processor. They would mix it with Miracle Whip and pickle relish and eat it on bread. They called it BEEF SALAD.

    And then we have something called PRESIDENT'S SALAD — which consisted of cold spaghetti noodles, lettuce, leftover chicken, croutons, cheese, and French dressing — shared by user @lifewithgrant.

    Even though most of the dishes were pretty weird, people tended to rave about how good they were. User @johannawestbrook shared her recipe for meat pie that is very different from traditional British meat pie:


    #stitch with @taybeckerbeauty meat pie anyone?!🤪 I can’t be the only one!!

    ♬ original sound - johannawestbrook
    It's basically a pie filled with ground beef, cottage cheese, egg, and shredded Parmesan.

    User @she_writes_black explained how her grandma made ~damn if I know soup~: "One day my grandma had a pot on the stove and my cousin came in and he was like, 'What that is?' And my grandma was like, 'Damn if I know.' So that's why we call it 'DAMN IF I KNOW SOUP.' My grandma would literally take everything out of the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator, and just throw it in a big-ass pot and make some cornbread. AND THAT SHIT WAS BANGING!"

    User @fredericaseverinsen loved something called "mock chicken" — a recipe made up of salted potato chips, chicken (or mushroom) soup, and tuna layered up and baked like lasagna...served with peas.

    Scrapple is something that user @ronnierukus enjoyed eating. It is made from pig scraps, like pig lips, pig heart, and pig anus.

    And then there's user @thebryanmiller, who explained how his family invented something oddly delicious called SCHMOES:


    #stitch with @taybeckerbeauty let me learn you about schmoes! #food #treat #redneck

    ♬ original sound - thebryanmiller
    "Take two Ritz crackers. Upon one Ritz cracker, place chocolate and marshmallows. Stick that in an oven or microwave. Atop the other Ritz cracker, smear a bit of peanut butter. Once the chocolate and marshmallow are warm to your liking, sandwich it all together in a wonderful, crispy, salty-sweet snack."

    What weird food did you eat growing up that you thought was normal? SHARE YOUR STRANGE RECIPES IN THE COMMENTS!