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    We Wore Ariana Grande's Giant Ponytail For A Week And Some Pretty Interesting Things Happened

    "The pony is making me do things I've never done before."

    Hi, we're Kailyn, Krista and Shila, and our ponytails are clearly not as impressive as Ariana Grande's.

    But – like the rest of the world – we adore her, her music, and her iconic ponytail.

    So, we decided to challenge ourselves to wear her high ponytail, dress like her, and wear high-glam makeup for a week.

    To give us the complete look, we met with Ariana's tour stylist Cesar DeLeon Ramirez and one of her makeup artists, Daniel Chinchilla.

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    Boldly / Via

    Shila: When I went into work, the pony was the center of attention. People did not see me, they saw the pony. I felt so glamorous, though, so I just tried to channel my inner celebrity all day. I kept having to reapply my makeup to keep the glam look fresh.

    Krista: I didn't know what to expect – but that being said – I work at BuzzFeed so it's not unusual to see people dolled up or dressed crazy on any given day so I was less nervous. Most my coworkers could tell I was dressed like Ariana Grande right away. Being out in public was a little different, some random man shouted at me, "Work it, baby, work it! Oh yeah!"

    Kaylin: I walked into work like a damn celebrity! Everyone wanted to touch the ponytail and everyone was ogling at it. I had braids, so I felt like mine was extra tight. I had to tell people to stop touching it because it hurt if they ran their fingers through it. Definitely a different feeling than my curly fro!

    Here is the "Side-to-Side" video for reference.