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    We Went Behind The Scenes Of Battlebots And Some Of These Robots Are Insane

    It was pretty cool.

    If you don't already know, Battlebots is a robot competition where people design and operate remote-controlled machines, then compete against each other in an arena-style combat tournament.

    And kids love 'em. So, I took my nine-year-old son behind the scenes to see what it was all about.

    After spending months building their robots, people travel across the world to compete in these tournaments.

    Each robot is built differently, with innovative ideas on how to outlast their opponents.

    Brent Rycker is a machinist and mechanic for the bot called Gigabyte. He said, "The electronics can fail a lot from shock. It’s extremely challenging, so we actually have an electrical engineer that made our own motor controller."

    Before the competition, teams spend hours testing and driving their bots to make sure they are ready.

    And each bot has a unique name decided on by their teams.

    When the bots enter the arena, usually one to two people from each team are designated to operate the machine against the other bot.

    And – in a matter of minutes – it can be the end of all their hard work.

    But, after each battle, the creators walk away learning something new and it helps them build a better machine for the next competition.

    The new season of Battlebots airs on Friday on the Discovery Network and next Wednesday on the Science Channel.