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    People Are Sharing Things They Didn't Realize Were Expensive Until They Became Adults And It's A Sad Reality

    Cheese has no right being so pricey.

    Earlier this month, TikTok user @mamadougiee asked people to share the thing they didn't realize was expensive until they became an adult and actually had to pay for it:

    She explained how she never knew toilet paper was so expensive:

    @mamadougiee holding up a roll of toilet paper

    People in the comments soon started sharing the things they never realized were expensive — like having kids:

    Watching TV is an expensive hobby:

    One commenter said "Cable. It's gets more and more expensive every freaking year"

    And so is eating nutritious foods:

    Then TikTok user @loveyourats decided to make a similar video, calling out how expensive rugs were:

    People also came to the comments to express their frustrations with how pricey throw pillows can be:

    "Its a decorative pillow I'm not even going to use - why is it $50???"

    Even this 17-year-old knew how overpriced mirrors are:

    If you eat cheese, you know it costs more than you think:

    A bottle of olive oil will cost you a pretty penny:

    And same goes for a mattress:

    A simple table and chairs typically runs you an arm and a leg:

    If you want to keep your place spotless, it's gonna cost you:

    laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies

    Basic things, like the GOOD Halloween candy, are also costly:

    "I wanna be one of the good stops BUT THAT ISH EXPENSIVE"

    If you want to make your food flavorful, you're going to have to pay for it:

    "Seasonings!! I just want my food to be yummy but dang they're so expensive"

    Something as simple as paper towels can run your bank account dry:

    Haircare products can also add up:

    I don't even want to talk about shampoo & conditioner - also thought they were sold together I mean cause why would they not be [crying emoji]

    Your bank account may take a hit after you purchase some vanilla extract:

    Health insurance — in the US, anyway — is ridiculously expensive:

    Necessary feminine hygiene products — again, in the US — can also be ridiculously expensive:

    Moving can be a huge expense, especially if you hire a moving company:

    We always lived in rent houses and I would always ask my mom if we could move and she told me we didn't the $

    And houses. I didn't know people thought houses were cheap, but nonetheless, it's worth mentioning:

    Lastly, TikTok user @uberzombs jumped on the trend with the most accurate one of all — LIVING. JUST BEING ALIVE IS EXPENSIVE:


    #stitch with @loveyourats Yes, I drink wine in mason jars. Judge me if you have to. #life

    ♬ original sound - Erica Paige Phillips

    On that note, I am broke.