After Hearing This Woman's Story, Waiters And Waitresses Are Stepping Forward To Share How Often Customers Lie To Try To Get Free Food

    It's time for a change.

    In addition to providing endless entertaining videos, TikTok has also been a place where people can share their truths, life experiences, and point of view.

    We recently shared this behind-the-scenes moment where an Uber Eats driver named Smithson Michael spread awareness about how difficult it is to work for delivery service apps. Now a woman named Kelstyn Clements is sharing how frustrating it can be to work in the foodservice industry as a waitress:

    In her viral two-part TikTok, Kelstyn explains how it all started when a customer ordered a margarita with no salt. After Kelstyn brought back the drink with no salt on the rim, the customer said the margarita still had salt in it. So, Kelstyn apologized and put in an order for a new one — the table also ordered a bloomin' onion (after she had to tell them it wasn't complimentary with every meal).

    She brings back another saltless margarita and the blooming onion. The customer says there is still salt in the margarita and claims the blooming onion is burnt. Kelstyn offers to get a new blooming onion and another drink. The customer says no and would like everything taken off the bill instead. Kelstyn explains that she is happy to remove everything off their bill, but would need to take the drink and the blooming onion back since they would not be paying for it. The customer, however, wanted to eat and drink the items and still not have to pay for them because they didn’t like them.


    Finally, they agree to pay, and the table orders some entrées. After Kelstyn brings the food out, before the customer even touches it, they say it’s cold. Kelstyn offers to get them a hot, fresh plate, but they say no and that they want it in a to-go box and — surprise, surprise — they want it taken off the bill.

    Kelstyn explains, again, that if they keep the food they have to pay for it. So, they finally agree to pay. After she asks how many to-go boxes they want, the customer says, “Um, can you count?” And tells her she’s been a terrible waitress and her attitude sucks. Things then escalate, and Kelstyn ends up in the back of the restaurant in tears. Her manager comes out and eventually makes them pay and kicks them out.

    It was obvious in this situation that the customer had one goal, and that was to get free food:

    People who don't work good service don't understand that people act like this on purpose to get stuff for free

    Which, sadly, is an all-too-common thing that happens at restaurants.

    One person said "I literally cannot stand people who do this. It ruing my night. Don't come out to eat just to scam and get free things and make the servers night mis-

    And it is awful to see that so many current and ex-waiters and waitresses know or knew of managers who would have SIDED with the customer in a situation like this.

    My manager at Olive Garden would have said "I'm so sorry here's a free meal and gift card for next time"
    I fully expected this to end with your manager going out there groveling for their forgiveness so I'm so grateful it's the opposite of most stories

    BuzzFeed spoke to 22-year-old Kelstyn, who has been a waitress for four years. She decided to share this particular experience because she knew other servers would relate.

    Kelstyn sitting on a rock formation overlooking a wooded area

    Although Kelstyn said she experiences rude customers every time she shows up to work, this particular one was next level. “When customers are rude, it makes me feel very belittled and used. It’s the worst feeling, especially because I truly am trying my best to make the customers happy.”

    Kelstyn’s story is just one of hundreds of thousands of waitress horror stories on the app. Hopefully these stories help spread awareness so people can adjust their attitudes when eating out — or just stay home!