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    This Dad Went To Costco For The First Time And His Son Captured His Sheer Excitement On Video

    "It's practically Disneyland."

    Hello, world. Let me introduce you to stay-at-home dad Tom, who says he does "dad things" like cooking, shopping, weed whacking, and taking care of the pool.

    But, one thing Tom does not do is shop at Costco...

    ...until now.

    Tom told BuzzFeed he and his friend Stephany needed to go shopping for Sunday dinner and she suggested they go to Costco. And, for Tom, it was life changing.

    We all need to thank Tom's son, TJ, for capturing his excitement on video and sharing it on Twitter.

    My dad went to Costco for the first time in his life

    It went viral for obvious reasons and some users shared other first-time Costco experiences caught on camera.

    @tjmusto I took my roomate to costco once

    Costco. It's the definition of happiness.

    Stephany promised to give Tom a Costco membership for his birthday and he says it will be one of his coolest birthday gifts yet.

    Tom, welcome to the wonderful world of Costco!