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    Vaseline Is A Secret Hack For Plumping Your Under Eyes And This Expert Explained Why

    "Vaseline prevents 99% of water loss while you sleep."

    As a mom, my main use for Vaseline over the years has been diaper rash cream. 🍑 But a quick TikTok search of "Vaseline under eyes" will turn up thousands of people (and experts) who have been raving about using Vaseline as an eye cream for years!!! 👀

    So, let's dive into this not-so-new revelation with information from an expert. Dr. Muneeb Shah, DO recently responded to a TikTok by @lyanu about using Vaseline under your eyes:

    In his TikTok — which has over 8 million views — Dr. Muneeb says, "Pure Vaseline is actually the most effective occlusive moisturizer, and it prevents 99% of water loss while you sleep. This is actually an amazing hack, and I do it all the time. I apply a gentle moisturizer first, and then I apply Vaseline. Just be cautious if you're prone to developing milia around the eye."

    BuzzFeed spoke to Dr. Muneeb to learn more. He explained that original Vaseline is pure, 100% refined petroleum, which is one of the safest ingredients and is the best occlusive moisturizer. "This means that it prevents 99% of transepidermal water loss, which keeps the skin moisturized all night," he said.

    The main benefit of using Vaseline under the eye is for a hydration boost while you sleep, according to Dr. Muneeb. So, it is great for people who have dry skin and/or fine lines around their eyes due to a lack of hydration. "I recommend applying Vaseline over a bland moisturizer with ceramides like CeraVe Moisturizing Cream," he said.

    One concern with using Vaseline that Dr. Muneeb mentions in his video is milia, which are tiny white bumps on your skin. "There's actually not a lot of data on this, but a lot of my patients report developing milia when they use thick occlusive moisturizers around the eye. Based on my personal patient experiences, if you notice you're developing white bumps around the eyes, you may want to lay off the Vaseline. Most people won't experience this issue though!"

    All that being said, Dr. Muneeb does want people to know that Vaseline won't fix dark circles due to hyperpigmentation or erase years of aging. So, this is where those questions about ~expensive~ eye creams come in. WE WANT TO KNOW: ARE THEY WORTH IT?!

    "There's a lot of debate online about the utility of eye creams. I personally think they have value if used deliberately. Many eye creams are specifically tested and targeted to the under-eye area. These include ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, peptides, and caffeine to help brighten and tighten the under-eye skin. The skin around the eyes IS ACTUALLY quite different from the rest of the face — it's much thinner, has fewer oil glands, and shows the earliest signs of aging. In summary, not everyone needs a separate eye cream and can just use Vaseline, BUT others may benefit from the right eye cream!"

    Lastly, Dr. Muneeb said that people can start using an eye cream as early as their teenage years. "If you develop puffiness around your eyes as a teenager, you may want an eye cream with caffeine. If you're developing fine lines in your late 20s, you may want an eye cream with retinol. If you have dark circles due to pigment, you may want an eye cream with brightening ingredients," he explained.

    TL;DR: Vaseline is a safe and super-affordable nighttime eye cream option if you want some extra hydration and plumpness under your eyes!

    You can follow Dr. Muneeb for more skincare-related tips on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.