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This Trend Where People Share The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Ever Told Them Is Going Viral Because The Stories Are So Awful

"Am I really so gay that I'm just making my face numb?"

TikTok user @kristamackenziee recently asked users to share the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to them:

She shared her own story about how she had psoriasis and went to see a new doctor. At the appointment, she was trying to show the doctor a rash she had on her armpit. She was having difficulty showing the rash with her shirt on, so she asked if she should take it off. The doctor — who was an older man — sat back and said, "Yes, excite me."

Other TikTokers soon started sharing their own terrible experiences with doctors, like user @ogpeelar:

She explained how she was pregnant and bleeding, so she went to the ER, where they told her there was nothing wrong with her. However, when she went to the bathroom, she ended up giving birth in the toilet. After she rang the emergency bell, the doctor came in and flushed her baby down the toilet. The doctor said, "Well, what else were we supposed to do? It was already dead."

A doctor told this guy — user @oliverhalliwell5 — that his face was numb because he's gay:

He was experiencing facial numbness, so he went to a neurologist, who asked him if he was "a homosexual." When he said he was, the neurologist told him that his lifestyle can cause anxiety, which can lead to facial numbness — and then referred him to a psychiatrist. The guy went to a different neurologist and found out that he had a brain tumor.

TikTok user @cosmotriesit shared her experience visiting a new OB-GYN, who didn't even take the time to see if she was looking at the right patient's chart:

When the doctor came in, she asked user @cosmotriesit about having high-risk pregnancies, saying that she should lay off the hard drugs so she doesn't lose another baby. The woman didn't have high-risk pregnancies because of drugs, though. She has a bicornuate uterus — and tried to explain that. The doctor then accused her of lying. It turns out the doctor thought she was talking to someone else.

@cosmeticgenie was told to "google it" after questioning what her doctor had just diagnosed her with:


The most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said. #dr #DailyVlog

♬ original sound - cosmeticgenie

Her doctor told her she had gallstones. Not knowing what they were, she asked. The doctor then said to her, "The best thing I can tell you is to google it."

User @lunar_moon_witch's pain was immediately dismissed, and she was mocked by a specialist she went to:


#stitch with @kristamackenziee this situation still makes me mad to think about #unprofessionaldoctor #baddoctor #witchtok #MyRoutine

♬ original sound - Neoma

She was having chronic pelvic pain and waited a year and a half to see a specialty doctor, who did not even review her file upon seeing her. He asked her a few basic questions, skipped the examination, and told her she was just constipated...and laughed about it. Fast-forward a year and a half later, when the woman was diagnosed with endometriosis (by a different doctor, obviously). She is now on a list for surgery.

User @giselebeaulne went to the doctor not knowing that she had postpartum depression, and this is what happened:


#stitch with @kristamackenziee I’ve had many unprofessional things said to me by a doctor. This one sticks out tho. #mentalhealthmatters

♬ original sound - Gisele Beaulne

She had a nervous breakdown in the doctor's office about three weeks after her baby was born. All the doctor said to her was, "You need to go straight home and have sex with your husband."

A doctor blamed user @summerbellyy's respiratory illness on her weight when she was a 10-year-old kid:


#stitch with @kristamackenziee I’ve been waiting to talk about this one lmao #unprofessional #doctor #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound - summer lorelei

She and her 13-year-old sister went to the doctor's office, where they found out they had bronchitis. The doctor told the young girls that the only reason they got it was that they were fat.

Here's a horrifying IUD experience that was shared by user @jadehersley1993:

She went to the doctor because she was fairly confident that her IUD had fallen out. But the doctor said it was fine. The woman then asked to have it removed because it was causing problems. She was told, "No, you don't need any more kids. You're young, you have enough." And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the doctor then checked the IUD with an ultrasound and found out that it was out of place. She was taken back for immediate surgery — and didn't find out until after the surgery that she was pregnant and the pregnancy had to be terminated when they removed the IUD. The doctor claimed that she didn't realize she was pregnant beforehand.

User @urmomfriendangie had a horrible experience with a doctor as a young girl:

When she was 12 years old, she was doing a self-breast examination, as she was taught at school, and found a lump. So she went to the doctor, who said, "Why are you touching yourself? You're too young to be doing that."

And, lastly, user @jonnydeezz shared his inappropriate experience at the doctor's office:


#stitch with @kristamackenziee You Could Have Flown A Flag On It!!!!#AtAttention#RedRocket#WTFInappropriate#foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound - JohnnyDeez

He thought he had a hernia, and when the doctor told him to drop his pants to check, he got aroused. The doctor then told him, "Don't worry, ever since I found out you were coming in today for this, I've been hard too."

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