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    Updated on Jul 27, 2020. Posted on Jul 23, 2020

    People Are Sharing The Innovative Ways Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Protecting Themselves Right Now

    Does your Lyft driver have a plastic shield with a metal tube attached so you can get AC in the back?

    Most ride-hailing services that are still operating during this pandemic are requiring passengers to wear masks.

    Avdeev007 / Getty Images

    However, some drivers are being smart and taking extra precautions, like putting a barrier between the front and the back seat:

    And some have even figured out a way to circulate air to the back seat — with tubes and, in some cases, air fresheners:

    My uber driver making sure I get that AC in the back💀😭

    @WannaBeReeceJr /

    yeah but does your Lyft driver have a plastic shield but a metal tube with air freshener attached so you can get AC in the back? didn’t think so

    @Icdlia /

    There are drivers who have added tip boxes to their barriers:

    @WannaBeReeceJr @marysuewriter This was in a telsa the other day.

    @PrevalentImages /

    And some who have confined themselves to their front seat with PVC piping:

    @natsfert /

    There are drivers who have gone above and beyond, using plexiglass to shield themselves from their passengers:

    @WannaBeReeceJr My driver a couple months back had a plywood/plexiglass set up too. Awesome efforts.

    @Zeke_Cao /

    And then there are drivers who are making protective shields with basic materials from the grocery store:

    Shoutout to this uber driver for having a Saran Wrap divider , I’ve never felt safer

    @Tchalla_Fett /

    Companies, like Lyft, have given active drivers plastic shields that latch onto the head rests:

    Lyft to distribute 60,000 driver shields to the most active drivers. The circle is almost complete. Just need to issue some medallions and wrap the cars in same patterns 😅

    @carsmenskii /

    And the drivers who still want to offer snacks do so with a bottle of hand sanitizer readily available:

    "Yall help yall selves" Lyft driver of the year😂💯🔥🗯

    @IKidToshil /

    Basically, everything just looks a lot different in 2020. Keep staying home when you can, and stay safe!

    @joserosado /

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