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    Twitter Was A Little Shocked After Carrie Underwood Threw Some Shade At Trump During The CMAs

    "Maybe next time he'll think before he tweets."

    In case you missed the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, people were pretty surprised about the opening monologue, which included a song about "covfefe."

    Some people were legit shoooooook.


    But they were definitely living for it.

    The lyrics "before he cheats" were switched out with "before he tweets."

    Maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets 🎶 #cmaawards 😂

    And one Twitter user was pretty sure Trump would be tweeting about them next.

    Most were pretty sure Carrie's fans could take on Trump if a Twitter battle ensued.

    People really just didn't expect it at all.

    You could say it even turned some country haters into country fans.

    Twitter seemed pretty proud of the pair for breaking political boundaries they were told not to talk about.

    Leave it to Brad and Carrie to always keep us on our toes!