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    17 New-Mom Tweets That Are Totally Your Life

    When did I shower last? What are real pants? I smell like milk.

    1. You know sleep is a thing of the past:

    2. You know shaving is definitely not a priority:

    3. You know what it's like to live in your own filth for days:

    4. You know how it feels to socialize without your baby:

    5. You know what literal hell feels like:

    6. You know that driving can be very dangerous:

    7. You know new magic tricks:

    8. You know personal hygiene isn't all that important:

    9. You know Google is your best friend:

    10. You know what true disappointment feels like:

    11. You know all about dry shampoo:

    12. You know how much money is wasted on toys:

    13. You know what it's like to really be obsessed with someone:

    14. You know what it's like to pee a little during normal activities:

    15. You know what it's like to worry about your baby's bodily functions:

    16. You know what it's like to try to reason with an infant:

    17. And you know what it's like to get puked on all day, every day:

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