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    TikTok Parents Are Sharing Videos Of Their Toddlers Trying To Pronounce Everyday Words And It's Hysterical

    Who knew it was so hard to say "water"?!

    Everyone knows listening to kids trying to pronounce words can be super funny.

    Guys. My niece is trying to say “truck” but she can’t pronounce it fully so she keeps saying “fuck” 😂

    And there's recently been a trend on TikTok where parents record their kids trying to pronounce everyday words.

    First they sound out parts of the word, which the kids are able to mimic. But, when they try to say the whole word together, they fail miserably...and it is hilariously cute:

    Here's a toddler trying to say "water":

    And one trying to say "hamburger":

    This kid really tried hard to say "fox":


    She knew what she was doing 😂 #lol #babies #fail

    ♬ original sound - failarmy

    And this kid tried their best to say "funk":

    Here's another "popsicle" attempt:

    And, to be fair, the word "ridiculous" IS hard to say:

    In general, most kids just STRUGGLE trying to pronounce all words, all the time — and it's adorably entertaining to listen to:

    So, what word does your toddler have a hard time pronouncing?!