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    Women Are Sharing What They Used To Masturbate With Before Knowing What Sex Was, And It's A Doozy

    You'll never look at Barbie feet the same...

    Recently, TikTok user @rebeccamaxwell69 went viral after sharing what she used to masturbate with before she knew what sex was:


    I need answers. Did y’all just finger yourself ?!?! #girlproblems #thegirlsroom

    ♬ original sound - Becks

    She fully admitted that she had no idea what she was doing as a kid when she used a pillow that was shaped like a soda can to pleasure herself.


    So, she asked other women who also masturbated when they were younger to share the weird things they used. Her video has nearly a million views, and tons of women have flooded the comment section with hilarious responses:

    cucumber and I put it back...omgeeee sorry mom [sobbing emoji]

    People started revealing their darkest masturbation secrets:

    Never admitted to this.. ever.. my dads vibrating nose hair trimmers. Sorry.

    Some peoples' besties helped them orgasm without even knowing it:

    I had my phone on vibrate and told my friend to text me non stop 100 times in a row. I told her that it was for an "experiment"

    And other people admitted that — before realizing it was perfectly normal — they thought it was wrong:

    I always felt guilty because I thought my dead family members were looking down on me being disappointed [laughing with tears emoji]

    Women were finding comfort knowing that this topic was being openly talked about:

    It's funny af Bc we all thought we were going through it alone and we weren't !!!

    And soon, user @kylieserl made another video emphasizing how humorous the responses were:

    That video also went viral, generating even more hilariously weird things women used to masturbate with:

    I had a wax mold of my hand doing the peace sign. It was filled with wax beads. I think the wax got a little too warm and it exploded. self love [wide-eyed emoji]

    Teddies aren't safe:

    The teddy bear!!!!! My sister went why the teddy bear smell like that [three laughing and crying emojis]

    Who am I kidding? NO stuffed animals are safe:

    a really old yet slightly firm MUFASA stuffed animal [laughing, crying emojis] I felt so bad for violating him that i hid him in my closet so he couldn't look at me

    Barbies aren't safe:

    My barbies feet, never went inside they just played soccer if ya know what I mean [smiling-while sweating emoji]

    Your cat's toys are definitely not safe:

    My cats vibrating mouse toy. It only vibrated for 5 secs too so I had to keep clicking the button [grin emoji]

    And your horse's clippers are not safe:

    My best friend RAN a mile over to my house and gave me her electric horse clippers to show me what she was so loud [laughing while crying emoji]

    Some people used things at their granny's house:

    Yo my grandmas neck massager. She never used it but I sure did [woman-shrugging emoji, laughing-while crying emoji]
    I used one of my grandmothers long candles that was in one of those holders on the wall..never thought I would tell anyone

    Some even found ways to do it at school WITH their friends:

    The footboard of a bed [skull and crossbones emoji] and the monkey bars at school [laughing while crying emoji] I told my friends about how it felt and we did it together. I had no clue what we were doin [skull and crossbones emoji]

    Electric toothbrushes seemed to be very common:

    My sonicare tooth brush hasn't been used for my teeth since I was 11 [rolling eyes emoji]

    And hair styling tools seemed to be another fan fave:

    My curling iron, unplugged ofc [smiling-and-sweating emoji, sobbing emoji]
    That conair brush with the jelly handle [laughing and crying emoji]

    The tub was a popular place for getting off:

    And let's just say it made some plumbers a little more ~aware~ of what they are really touching:

    Plumber by trade here... y'all got me questioning every bath tub faucet and hand held sprayer I've ever touched [laughing with tears emoji]

    Basically, anything you can think of had been used:

    Mascara tube, hairbrush, couch arm, pillows, vibrating toothrush, bedpost, banana, this list is embarrassingly long [side-eye emoji, laughing-with-tears emoji]

    So, if you ever felt guilty for masturbating when you were younger...

    Ok, but did anyone feel like guilty af afterwards the first few times [laughing with tears emoji]

    ...You shouldn't, because it's perfectly normal!

    Brooo I cried to my mom cause I felt guilty in middle school and she got me something from lovers to safely use [laughing with tears emoji]

    And, ladies, let's also remember that guys do it, too:

    Guys are no ex said he use to heat a ziplock bag of lotion and stick it in the couch cushion and go ham on it [three laughing with tears emojis]