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This Trash Can Lining Hack On TikTok Is Making People Realize They've Been Doing It Wrong

"The fact that I got excited about this shows that I am 25."

Hello. Some people are just now learning that they've been lining their trash cans the wrong way (myself included).

So, if you put the bag in your trash can like this, then it turns out you might not be using the most efficient way:

According to TikTok user @chris.hhl, this is the most effective way:


when I learned not all people do this I was SHOOK #koreanboy #trashcan #tutorial

♬ original sound - chris.hhl

And adults were very giddy after learning this.

Yes, even the ~young~ adults!

As well as this person who realized they have learned more than graduate school could ever teach them.

So, as someone who always likes to try things out before recommending them to, well, the entire are my thoughts. First of all, this "hack" doesn't work all that well with large trash cans and fitted trash bag liners...

...HOWEVER, if you line your smaller trash cans with store bags, then this hack is a MUST! I could tell right away it felt like it was more secure than it was when I put the bag in the other way.

So, I will be doing this from now on when lining my smaller trash cans. That's all I have for today! BYE!