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17 Amazing Mom Hacks You Probably Haven't Seen Before, But Will Be Super Glad You Know Them Now

We love a good mom hack.

1. If you rub a wipe on a baby's tummy before taking off their diaper, it makes them pee, which prevents them from peeing during changing time:

2. Speaking of diapers, here is how to tell if your baby is wearing the correct size:

3. Stick your bottle scrubber on the inside of your kitchen sink for easier cleaning:


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4. Have your child give a rubber ducky a bath to get them to wash their hands for the proper length of time:

5. If your child has a rash, give them an oatmeal bath by putting oats in a sock and using a hair tie to secure it to the water spout:

6. Use the bottom snaps on your baby's onesie to secure their arms while you change them:

7. Help your kids feel independent by making them a self-serve area in the fridge:

8. Put your kid's crayons in an empty gum container so you can easily take them on the go:


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9. Gently bounce your baby on your knee for easy burping:

10. Buy craft noodles, touch them to a damp paper towel, and let your kids build things:

11. If your kid always takes their diaper off, put their snap-front outfits on backward so they can't take them off:

12. Put wet washcloths in a muffin pan and freeze them for DIY teethers:

13. Position your arm like this when picking up your child's car seat for easier carrying:

14. Laminate paper money in games so your kids don't destroy them:


Making my monopoly kid proof! Tired of having to buy new board games! #momhack #fyp #foryoupage #monopoly

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15. Put glitter and water in a baggie and tape it to your child's high chair to keep them entertained:

16. Put aloe vera gel in ice cube trays and freeze them for cuts or sunburn relief:

17. Lastly, moms, whenever you have a not-so-good, stressful day, write down one good thing that happened that day that makes you happy with your kids: