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Gay Men Are Sharing The Subtle Ways They Let Women Know They're Not Straight, And It's Too Good

"I hit her with the 'Hey queen!'" 💅

Recently, TikTok user @oop.jake asked gay guys to share their go-to way of letting girls know they're not straight:


Their whole mood really does a 180 when they find out #fyp #foryou #gay #gaybestfriendcheck #nohomo

♬ original sound - Jake

Jake shared that he compliments a girl on her outfit and uses the word "top" instead of "shirt." Once he does that, they immediately know.

Other gay men started hopping on the trend to share what they do. Like user @cristogq, who showed us all to never underestimate the power of the word "queen":


#stitch with @oop.jake #greenscreen #letsbefriends #fyp #ThanksToHer #Lifestyle #lgbt

♬ original sound - Cristo-🎾

In his video, he explains, "I literally had to use my technique for this yesterday. This girl asked to get coffee and I'm not sure if she knows I'm gay or not, so I have to hit her with the 'Hey queen!'"

@cristogq /

User @seanbarryparsons is a waiter who has what he calls "queer coded dining" to let girls know:


#stitch with @oop.jake #serverlife #restaurant #gaytiktok #lgbtq #queercoded #blakeshelton #brunch #realhousewivesoftiktok #RHONY #weather #oldmen

♬ original sound - Sean Barry Parsons

He talks about how if a woman's dress has pockets, he always compliments those pockets. If she's wearing a romper, he also compliments that because of all the effort that goes into wearing them. He smiles a lot and always offers to take pics for people. In addition, he tells old ladies they look like Hollywood starlets. Just watch the video, it is too good.

@seanbarryparsons /

And @ayoaustimus let everyone know that showing others you're gay is a lot simpler than most people think:


#stitch with @oop.jake The straight vocabulary has never been extensive... #fyp #foryou #gay #lgbtq

♬ original sound - AUSTIMUS PRIME🔱

He explains that straight men use terms like "sexy," "hot," and "beautiful" when complimenting girls, so if he uses terms like "pretty," "gorgeous," and "stunning," they just know.

All user @seananthonyv has to do is ask the girl if she has a boyfriend and if he's cute:


#stitch with @oop.jake #gay #lgbtq #viralfunny #grindr #gayboy #seananthonyv #lgbt

♬ original sound - Sean Anthony

...And he jokingly may even ask how big he is. 🍆 😏

@seananthonyv /

Just bluntly stating that he's gay is @daveykins94 technique:


#stitch with @oop.jake what y’all think? #gay #lgbt #lgbtq #QuickerPickerRapper #Coming2America #pride🏳️‍🌈 #funny #hot #patagonia

♬ original sound - Davey Mangina

He simply says, "Oh, by the way, I'm not hitting on you — I'm gay."

@daveykins94 /

And @jaco4ever gets hit on by women a lot, so he also has to be direct with them about his sexuality:


#duet with @oop.jake #stitch #voice #fyp

♬ original sound - Jake

"Usually they try to hit on me, so I have to have a more direct approach and just let them know I'm gay," he explains in his video.

@jaco4ever /

Many women don't know @simply_josh3 is gay, so he always finds a way to let girls know he doesn't use a 3-in-1 when he showers:


#stitch with @oop.jake Stop using 3 in 1s guys. #Coming2America #gay #lgbt #gaytiktok

♬ original sound - Simply Josh

He says he makes sure to mention a specific brand of shampoo or body wash.

@simply_josh3 /

@noelmulk0 showed that letting women know you're gay is all about mannerisms, attitude, and sparkling water:


#stitch with @oop.jake it’s kinda just who I am 🥰

♬ original sound - Noel ✨

He also gives outfit compliments and talks about makeup.

@noelmulk0 /

For @jjjavian, it's all about body language — he doesn't even need to say anything:


#duet with @oop.jake #fyp #reaction #gay #lgbtq #foryou

♬ original sound - Jake

Gracefully crossing his legs and applying chapstick does the trick for him.

User @migoiii says that even though he looks very straight, the tone in his voice and his hand gestures are always a giveaway:


#stitch with @oop.jake lo and behold filipino gay culture. any add ons?

♬ original sound - miguel - miguel

He also uses words like "dang" and "girl."

@migoiii /

And, lastly, @manetai says he doesn't have to say or do anything:


#stitch with @oop.jake Happy Monday! #gay #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #🌈🌈🌈

♬ original sound - TAIMANE


@manetai /

Let's end this by reminding people that being gay looks different for everybody and you shouldn't have to "act" a certain way to let others know if you're gay or straight. Just don't assume someone's sexuality, OK?! To see more amazing videos by the gay men of TikTok, go here.

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